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Frequent Questions

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Why should I wear a shapewear?

The use of shapewear has many benefits, not only to shape the figure and reduce sizes, but also supports the back-correcting posture. After pregnancy it favors the reaffirmation of tissue. In cases of aesthetic surgeries, it allows the skin to adhere to the muscle again, avoiding inflammation and clumps of fat. Its constant use favors to have a more curvilinear figure when closing ribs, reaffirming tissues, toning muscles and abdomen. In the case of the gentleman’s shapewear reduces the chubby side and compact the pectorals.

How do I choose my correct shapewear size?

To get more out of your shapewear remember that it is very important to choose the correct size; you will have to measure with a tape the part of the body corresponding to the waist. In the case of the waist, you must measure your waist above the navel without containing the air (sink the stomach), compare your measurement in our Size Tables, remember that if you are new with the use of the girdle you must choose the Lightweight Molding or Normal.

Do you notice the shapewear with the clothes I wear?

In most cases, the shapewear is quite discreet. However, if you wear too thin and tight clothing there will be certain details that can be noticed, especially if it is a belt with central clasps.

Can a shapewear hurt?

Our shapewear are designed with the best Colombian technology in addition to being made with the highest quality materials that are not only resistant but also soft to the touch avoiding any type of irritation so you are always comfortable. Remember that it is very important that your waist size is the right one for you to avoid any type of discomfort. If at any time you present discomfort or pain we recommend you not to use your belt for prolonged periods of time or to stop its use. The use of this garment is under the sole responsibility of the user.

My shapewear is the right size but I feel it very tight, what do I do?

It is normal that during the first days your shapewear feels very tight, with the use and washing the girdle becomes more flexible. A simple way to make it more moldable is to let it soak 30 minutes in fabric softener and continue to wash it by hand.

How and when should I wash my shapewear?

It is advisable to wash it every 2 days, but everything will depend on the treatment or use you give it daily. It is important that you wash it by hand with mild or neutral soap, you should not squeeze it or squeeze it with your hands. We recommend drying it outdoors but without direct sunlight, it should not be dried in dryers because the heat damages the fibers and can cause your belt to deform or lose strength. Remember that the proper cleaning of your belt will determine the useful life of it.

What material is my belt made of?

All our belts feature technology and intelligent Powernet fabric to adjust and mold to your body. All the materials are of High Quality such as Cotton, Microfiber, lycra and latex that additionally to being resistant, they avoid any type of irritation in your skin.

How do I make a purchase?

Buying at is very easy, just follow the following steps:
1. Enter our website in the Store section, there you can browse and find your ideal product.
2. To add the product to your shopping cart you must choose the color and size (remember to measure yourself and see the Size Table BEFORE buying).
3. When you have everything you want to buy in your Shopping Cart, continue to fill in the corresponding fields with your shipping information and select your payment method:
▶ Credit or Debit Card: Fill out the form with the details of the credit card you wish to use to make your payment, then click on Pay. You will receive an email confirming your payment and your order.
▶ Cash in OXXO (Available only in Mexico): Choose this option if you wish to make your cash payment in any OXXO store, click on the Generate Payment Receipt button and print the receipt that shows you. Make the payment in cash by presenting the receipt at any OXXO store. When your payment has been processed, you will receive an email confirming your payment and your order.
4. Receive your order at the door of your home or office.

Is it safe to buy at

Shopping at is 100% safe. Both our website and our payment processor have Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is a security protocol that makes your data travel in an integral and secure manner, as well as certification for the safe handling of credit card information. Additionally, in our Privacy Policy you can view how we manage your personal data.

How do I modify my order if I made a mistake?

If you still do not finish your purchase you can go to the Shopping Cart in the upper right corner, there will be displayed the items that are in it, if you want to change the size or color of one of them you just have to click on the button Change and modify the characteristics of the product. If you have already confirmed your purchase and made your payment, we suggest you contact us as soon as possible because once the product is shipped you cannot make changes until you receive the package at your home, remember that you have 7 days from the delivery of your purchase to request a change, to know more about Changes and Returns click HERE

What are the shipping times?

Once you receive your purchase confirmation email, we will ship within the next 24 hours (Monday through Friday) through FedEx for Mexico or USPS for United States. The approximate delivery time is 10 to 15 business days in Mexico and the United States, for the rest of the world the approximate delivery time is 15 to 20 business days.

What is the shipping cost? *

All products to Mexico and the United States have free shipping.
*In the countries without the USPS service, we’ll make a shipping quotation with another provider and the customer will pay the shipping costs.

How do I track my shipment?

When we ship your product, you receive a notification to your email indicating the order number and the tracking number. With it you can see where your package is and the estimated delivery date. Shipping to Mexico: Track shipping HERE. (Please ONLY enter the numbers of your guide, not letters, eg: FEDEX 812720710000 enter only 812720710000).

How can I change or modify the shipping address?

To modify or change your shipping address you must contact us as soon as possible and indicate your order number and situation.
Attention: If your order has been sent, it is no longer possible to change address, please contact us to offer our help.

What do I do if I am not at home at the time of delivery?

If at the time of delivery, you are not at your address, the shipping company may leave it with any person of legal age who is in the registered address. If there is no one to receive the order, a new delivery attempt will be made the next business day. The shipping company will make up to 2 delivery attempts before being returned to our offices. We recommend you contact the shipping company to arrive at a solution about the delivery.

What do I do if my order has not arrived or takes longer than usual?

Contact us by email, remember to include your order number or contact us via chat. Check our customer service hours.
NOTE: In FeDex the tracking number availability may take up to 24 hours, we suggest you check it several times in the course of that time. If more than 24 hours have passed and you still cannot track your order, please contact us.

What do I do if my product is not the one I ordered?

You must email us to indicating that your sent product does not correspond to the one you purchased, do not forget to include your order number and the name with which you made your purchase. We will contact you within the next 24 hours and we will indicate the process of returning the product so we can send you the correct one. In these cases, the return has no additional cost.
IMPORTANT: The product must not have been used and must be returned in its original condition, with packaging and labels.

Can I change my product if it did not fit me?

We do not make changes of the product has been used. We recommend that before buying you check our guide: What girdle to Choose? by clicking HERE.

Can I request a change my purchase?

We Only make changes of products that have NOT been used/tested and that have full packaging and labels. If you meet the above criteria you have up to 7 days from the delivery of the product, write to and request your change. We Will reply within the next 24 hours after receiving your email and we will indicate the process of change.
ATTENTION: The costs of sending changes must be covered by the customer. The Total amount may vary depending on the location (It Is required to send pre-paid guide to expedite shipping).

* We Do Not make money refunds and the change by order only applies once.

How can I change my belt if it was defective or damaged?

During the production of our products, we follow a strict quality control to ensure that each of our belts meet the standards that distinguish us, however there may be cases where by manufacturing error your belt may suffer from some damage, if your belt has an imperfection or is damaged you have 7 days after received to validate your warranty. If your purchase applies for a repair, you will have to send your belt to our offices. If this is your case, please contact us at and explain your situation, our experts will contact you as soon as possible to evaluate your case and they will notify you if you qualify for a repair or change. All shipping expenses must be covered by the client. The repair time of the product is 7 to 10 business days. The shipping time is 5 to 7 business days.
ATTENTION: If the cause of the defect in your garment is due to incorrect size selection or abuse of the product (misused garment, poorly laundered, etc.) we cannot repair, change your product or return your money.

What guarantee does my purchase have?

Our products have a period of 7 days of guarantee starting from the day of delivery on manufacturing defects. Defects or damage due to incorrect use, abuse or handling of material or wear and tear due to normal use (damage to seams, poor washing, breakage, etc.), do not have guarantee.